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Okay Enough Already – Let’s Find a New Theme

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It may not surprise or shock many of you but I do not like snakes. I avoid them at all costs. I dislike them intensely. I will throw a book if there is a picture in it. I cannot watch TV if they are doing snake news. I am appalled that someone somewhere thinks they are good things. No. They are oooooogly.

And what is the fashion now? Snake skin – snake jersey – snake prints. It makes me crawl to type the word. These items are NOT attractive. They do not make the wearer look good. They make the wearer look nasty.

I think it is time for a change. Let’s just go back to prints or colors or something not animal. When I was growing up if you wore leopard prints that meant you were a lady of the night. To put it mildly. So let’s get off this trend.

Also in this realm of thoughts I must include short shorts. Even these beautiful models look ridiculous in them. Tight is in. Tight looks silly. I see Heidi Klum every week and I am amazed at how tight her clothes are. My mother would say it looks like she was melted down and poured into them. And she is beautiful and thin and gorgeous. But her clothes are too tight.

Speaking of Heidi Klum I watched Project Runway last night – way past my bed time. It was so COOL. I felt bad that Michelle didn’t get an opportunity to go to Europe. I also felt bad that once again Patricia has stayed in even though she designs clothes that look like ah don’t know how to describe them. I agree with Nina Garcia – textiles are fine but she has no design sense at all. She’s always futzing with fabric. Futz with the bones of the garment – make a garment that looks good – not fabric that looks good and a design that looks icky.

So I was shocked that once again she stays and goes to Fashion Week and Layana goes home. Layana, not the best designer in some ways, still had several great looks this season. Her couture designs were lacking. I did like the jacket though. I would have probably put color under the lace so it would show through. Maybe not done black lace but red or hot pink or a combination of color. But still her jacket was executed beautifully. Her blouse was fantastic although yes she could have lost the ruffle on the sleeves. I did not think she deserved to go home.

Patricia’s mish mash – honest to God – taken from the graffiti in Paris? OMG you go to Paris and all you can see is the GRUNGE? You layer GRAFFITI? You do not see the beauty in the ancient buildings or museums or the pyramid at the Louvre but you see GRAFFITI? I didn’t get this at all. I have been in Paris once and honestly during that trip I did not see or remark upon graffiti. I saw ageless beauty. I saw Souleiado – I saw Winged Victory – I saw Van Gogh and Picasso and the Mona Lisa. I saw beauty everywhere. I saw the Parisians in their lovely clothing – I saw markets and fruits and breads and pastries and chocolate. I did not see graffiti. My husband saw Beaujolais – the wine hit Paris on the second day of our trip – he sucked down a good three bottles. We had to threaten him to shut him up. Our son was mortified. He was barking at the dogs in the restaurant. Really. Anyway – no graffiti. If this is the only inspiration she has she is doomed to be a laughing stock at Fashion Week. We’ll see next week I guess.

On the other hand Michelle’s outfit was outstanding. She faced being eliminated for a wonderful design the week before while Patricia with her baggy sack dress with fringe was kept in. Michelle’s pants and shirt and black leather bra were outstanding. The execution perfect. I do not get why the judges like Patricia. Is it because she is so much older? What ever does Heidi see? Oh why oh why is she still there I scream in dismay.

Anyway whew – Stanley’s work is awesome – Daniel’s interpretation of Berlin was awesome. Must agree with Michelle on those boots. The judges liked them but nah they were odd. Once again Patricia’s outfit looked like newspaper hung on a tree. I don’t think she can make clothes. I don’t think she has a clue about design or fit or beauty. Sigh.

Stay tuned – if you can’t bear to watch Project Runway – I’ll keep you posted. I’m into it this year ……….


Author: Jennifer

I came from a family who made things. My father was a carpenter with a passion for making furniture. My mother sewed, crocheted, cooked and made a home on a shoestring. My grandmothers both quilted. As a teenager, I found batik through a wonderful art teacher who allowed me the freedom to batik yards of fabric. I then cut them up into a pattern and wore the item I made. I was ecstatic. I painted in my teens and twenties and my parents gracefully supplied me with oil paints and turpentine. When I needed an easel, my father took me to the shop where he worked and made me one. When he found unused and unwanted canvas, he brought it home and stretched it for me with wood from his shop at home. I was indulged at every step of the way. I wasn't ever told that I could not do something or that I should not do something. I was given freedom to chose my path in life. A blessed life I have lived, for sure.

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