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Fashion without the illustration is like a dress without the fabric. Illustrators have been the first “photographers” of trends, until they become true artists of drawing.

The fashion illustration started with the painting or plastic depictions: the late-Gothic plates by Pisanello have to be considered one of the first examples of fashion sketches. During the XVI° century, many artists spent some time by studying the clothing, as the representation of embroideries, draping and fabrics kept improving. The real turning point happened with the publishing of essays about costume, that started spreading since the middle XVII° century, and of which the etchings by Hollar are a perfect example.  The first illustrated plates appeared in 1759 on The Lady’s Magazine; while in the late XIX° century their upgrade occurred, as they started being considered as real artists, thanks to the spread of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue, where the fashion illustration are an essential…

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Author: Jennifer

I came from a family who made things. My father was a carpenter with a passion for making furniture. My mother sewed, crocheted, cooked and made a home on a shoestring. My grandmothers both quilted. As a teenager, I found batik through a wonderful art teacher who allowed me the freedom to batik yards of fabric. I then cut them up into a pattern and wore the item I made. I was ecstatic. I painted in my teens and twenties and my parents gracefully supplied me with oil paints and turpentine. When I needed an easel, my father took me to the shop where he worked and made me one. When he found unused and unwanted canvas, he brought it home and stretched it for me with wood from his shop at home. I was indulged at every step of the way. I wasn't ever told that I could not do something or that I should not do something. I was given freedom to chose my path in life. A blessed life I have lived, for sure.

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