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The Daily Prompt today was say your name. Well no my name isn’t Guinevere actually but Jennifer – a derivative of Guinevere.

I was called Jenny until I was 19. My boyfriend’s mother’s name was Virginia and they called her Ginny. So they couldn’t yell for one of us without getting the both of us. My boyfriend’s father started calling me Jennifer.

Thank God I no longer am anywhere near that boyfriend. His parents were a hell of a lot better than he. He was a skirt chaser and he drove me nuts. Luckily he went out on me one night and I caught him in a bar with this really short, ugly chick. He and I were engaged at the time. Well the ring ended up on the dance floor and I almost killed him. He was 6’2″ and weighed about 250. I should have killed him come to think about it.

He married that ugly girl. I am so happy for her and I know exactly how many times he’s cheated on her. Every chance he could get cause that’s the way he is. I love it – revenge IS a dish best eaten cold. That was 42 years ago …..

I never liked my name. Ever. Jennifer is okay – Jenny makes me see red and Jen makes me hurl. Mom always yelled Jennifer Lee when I was about to get smacked, so there like ah aren’t nice memories of my name.

Oddly enough I am a psychic. Early on in my reading career, one of my psychic buddies told me in  reading that I am a one name person and I should have one name for reading. Not two and not Jennifer.

I chose Rachael and everyone called me Rachael – my friends, my family and my clients. When I quit doing private readings I lost Rachael somewhere and went back to my legal name. I’m used to it now and don’t mind it but there are way too many Jennifers out there.

Mom named me after Jennifer Jones the actress. I lived across the road from a British lady named Jennifer and she was named after Jennifer Jones too. Mom told stories of how I didn’t get my name for 3 days because the nuns didn’t like the name Jennifer. They wanted Mom to name me Ruth or Katherine – which was her sister’s name – Katherine Ruth – or Anne – another sister’s name.

My paternal grandparents wanted me named after them – using their middle names. I would have been Ethel Belle – Grandpa’s name was Carey Ethel and Grandma was Hattie Belle. Yutz.

And my Great-Uncle Jack wanted Mom to name me Jacqueline after him. Do you think she listened? Hell no. I would have like Jacqueline. I would probably even be thin and svelte if I was Jacqueline. You know, hot.

I’m 61 now and the only greatest thing about my name is that it is in the records of the social security administration and they’ll be sending me my first check come February 2014. I MADE IT!gwinny



Author: Jennifer

I came from a family who made things. My father was a carpenter with a passion for making furniture. My mother sewed, crocheted, cooked and made a home on a shoestring. My grandmothers both quilted. As a teenager, I found batik through a wonderful art teacher who allowed me the freedom to batik yards of fabric. I then cut them up into a pattern and wore the item I made. I was ecstatic. I painted in my teens and twenties and my parents gracefully supplied me with oil paints and turpentine. When I needed an easel, my father took me to the shop where he worked and made me one. When he found unused and unwanted canvas, he brought it home and stretched it for me with wood from his shop at home. I was indulged at every step of the way. I wasn't ever told that I could not do something or that I should not do something. I was given freedom to chose my path in life. A blessed life I have lived, for sure.

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