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The New Wardrobe!

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The fabric has arrived. This is the latest (and last) in my fabric splurges. Some would say compulsions. At any rate, this is it for a very long time. One cannot eat fabric. I will try to stuff it in a casserole and see if the boys eat it. I don’t think they will …………

I do have clothing in mind when I buy my fabric. I look at the patterns I have – hopefully I won’t have to buy more – and determine what fabric I need from there. I try not to START with the fabric – I have started with fabric way back when I was doing “art” quilts and it led me in various wonderful ways but I would always find I didn’t have enough of one or too much of another. Better to have a plan.

The latest arrivals are these

They are going to make up into these wardrobe itemsM6531M6563


The two silks will be the same pattern – the top, of course. I will need zippers. I’ve already looked at the outside of the McCall’s jacket pattern and can’t find the size of the zipper – I have had the size of the zipper on the pattern be wrong before so I will wait until I am ready to put it in to measure the opening and buy the zipper.

I have black pants. I have lots of black pants. I purchased a bunch from Talbots when they have been on sale and they fit beautifully. I have thicker ones for the dead of winter and thinner ones for warmer weather. I also have made several pairs of black pants. I have some thicker legging-type pants with an actual waistband and zipper but my legs are so small compared to the rest of me – I need something really long to come down around my knees before I put on leggings.

Much sewing will occur after we get to the going to the nursing home part. I keep thinking he won’t have to but then something happens and I know he will. He stayed up until 4:45 am and then got up at 7. He fell asleep and almost fell off his chair while trying to eat his cereal. He can’t go on like this and neither can I. I have to get some sleep sometimes.

More after I visit the nursing home today – I’m there in just an hour and a half and I am looking forward to getting some of my questions answered!



Author: Jennifer

I came from a family who made things. My father was a carpenter with a passion for making furniture. My mother sewed, crocheted, cooked and made a home on a shoestring. My grandmothers both quilted. As a teenager, I found batik through a wonderful art teacher who allowed me the freedom to batik yards of fabric. I then cut them up into a pattern and wore the item I made. I was ecstatic. I painted in my teens and twenties and my parents gracefully supplied me with oil paints and turpentine. When I needed an easel, my father took me to the shop where he worked and made me one. When he found unused and unwanted canvas, he brought it home and stretched it for me with wood from his shop at home. I was indulged at every step of the way. I wasn't ever told that I could not do something or that I should not do something. I was given freedom to chose my path in life. A blessed life I have lived, for sure.

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