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Another Flower Top Finished and Sweater Update

I love it! From Vogue 8151

I love it! From Vogue 8151

My second flower top is finished! The only tiny quirk I don’t like is the hem. I was using a double needle that broke and I had to trim off part of it and start over. I think the double needle broke because I had a different kind of thread in one of the needles. Anyway, not having two spools of thread (and frankly just not wanting to be bothered) I did my own double hem stitch. It’s okay. Here’s the back


This is a very flattering shirt. The curves are all where they should be and I was amazed that the dart was great in a knit. I am going to make more of these but for now I’m heading back to another pattern I also love that I adjusted to fit. I would have made these last two out of that pattern also but I mistakenly ordered less fabric than I needed. This pattern only uses 1.75 yards – but it uses it all. I have many t-shirt patterns and am going to get going on a couple more after the Holidays. I think I’ll be baking until then.

In the meantime, I have snuck up on completing my Boxy sweater. So far this is where I’m at


There will be multi-colored ribbing on the sleeve cuffs and also on the bottom. I really love the way this has turned out. Since it’s the first sweater I’ve had any hopes of finishing without major mistakes (knock on wood) I am super thrilled with it.

That’s what I’ve been doing – plus a little planning for sewing after the Holidays – here’s a pattern high on my list

Vogue 1367

Vogue 1367

I have several fabrics for this shirt. I may need to invest in an edge-stitch foot before I start though.

So fun times – I was glad I could finish some things without tearing out my hair!



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Working on a Sweater



Over the last couple of months, I have had no energy to start new projects. I’m treading water, waiting for enthusiasm to return. I don’t like being in these periods of stress, gloom and doom. But I am and there it is.

While I have toyed with ideas for shirts (gave it up), vests (gave it up), more shirts (gave it up), I have at least been able to continue knitting. It doesn’t require any effort for me. As long as I’m not under pressure for a deadline and as long as the knitting is easy. Very easy.

I started knitting around my birthday last year. I had learned the basic cast on and off technique as a teen, but I never followed a pattern or knit anything other than a scarf. It was so time-consuming! Now I am happy to be time-consumed because I have so much time on my hands.

This sweater is the Boxy by Joji from that I got from Ravelry. I had been working on a pink one but made so many mistakes that I knew I wouldn’t wear it. So I started this one – with the pattern and it’s requirements fresh in my mind. I know that I have to learn to do a three-needle bind off and I am committed to doing that. Doing it any other way distorts the pattern on the sleeves and shoulder.



I like this sweater a lot and I know once I conquer the binding off and getting all the pattern elements correct without making a major error, I will wear it.

Thank God knitting is something I can do to keep my hands, and my mind busy. Once again, having time off from visiting my husband at the nursing home, I’m in the sewing room waiting for inspiration to strike! With persistence, it will.

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Sewing Room Day

I hope I actually get in there. We have a physical therapist, speech therapist and hygiene therapist coming today. I don’t need to hang out with them. They take care of DH on their own.

I need to finish hand sewing the collar on this


And then I can do the buttonholes and buttons and hem it. It will be finished.

It’s hard to decide what is next. I want to use my new serger DS bought me for Mother’s Day. I think I will start with a knit so will do a tee-shirt of some sort. I’m thinking this one


only in a knit – the pattern calls for a woven. I’m going to use fabric that is orange, black, cream and turquoise knit and I will snap a pic before I cut it for you.

I’m getting excited that I may be able to go to work in July after all so getting some new tee shirts done will be fantastic. I have plenty of winter sweaters thanks to a huge Eddie Bauer sale and clearance last February. I bought 7 sweaters and they were all $19.99 or $14.99. For $79.99 originally priced sweaters – this was a steal. I had thrown out or given away most of my old sweaters. When they get balls on them out they go. I can’t wear a heavy wool sweater at work because it is so warm in there. We have a gas fireplace in the call center so it keeps us very warm.

I wear jeans to work – I love being able to do that because you are for some reason much more comfortable when you’re wearing jeans. I got some new ones from Eddie Bauer for $14.99 in the same sale. They were originally $69.99 so I was pumped about that!

I purchased some sandals – these in fact



They are both higher than what I normally wear – I wear Birkenstocks most of the time – but the Born on the bottom are super comfortable and not wobbly – the Dr. Scholls are comfortable and just like the original sandal I wore when I was 17 except the bottom isn’t wood – it’s some sort of composite material. I like them both. My jeans are 33″ in the inseam and they will work well with higher heels – even though they are fine with lower ones.

That’s why I get my jeans at Eddie Bauer and not from my employer! My employer’s jeans are 29.5″ in the inseam – they look like high waders. Also the manufacturer can come in anywhere between 28.5 and 30.5 as a quality issue. I hope they change the length on pants soon – we are losing lots of business by the pants being too short. Only a petite person can wear pants this short.

I found more Sinful Colors yesterday – I got a beige nude, hot purple, and a lavender and white from Sally Hanson. I put on light turquoise last night but it’s funky looking and is messy so I’m changing today. Wow I have so many nail polish colors I can barely make up my mind. Here’s the picture

sinful colorsand even more

OutOfThisWorld SocialLadder

You just have to see these to be amazed that they are only $1.99 to $2.99. The nail care ones are $3.99. Honestly this is a very good deal when Lancome wants $15 a bottle. I’m collecting all of them except the yellows and acid greens. Those are not colors I’d ever wear!

Off to wake up DH so he can get ready for his bath – love having home healthcare come!